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FL Gov Issues Exec Order Banning LGBT Protections

Florida – In his first few days of office, Governor Rick Scott is already off to a bad start. He’s issued an executive order banning housing/employment discrimination protections for LGBT citizens. But he also may have accidentally banned protections for disability and marriage status as well!

Sleazemouth. In his zelousness to make sure that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents can’t get a job or a house, his executive order also limited protections to other categories which are already in the state’s constitution – namely disability and marriage status. It’s not yet clear if these other ommissions were done intentionally or were a mistake. But one thing is clear, if you don’t look like him, you’re not good enough.


(Source: lgbtqblogs, via projectqueer)


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    Classic Florida. By any means necessary disregard and dehumanize the LGBTQ community. Even at the expense of others...
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    Ah shit. It’s had begun SMH
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    My rage quota’s been maxed today. Now I’m only feeling utter disappointment.
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    That gif has been my fantasy for years now. Rick Scott is ruining everything.
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    well, Erica… we aren’t going to Florida lol
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    Fuck the Florida assholes who voted that slimy fuck into office.
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    And to add to the oh-so-happy (sarcasm intended) mood everyone is in today I give you this little gem.
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    Gah, Florida. Why must you disappoint me so often…this is supposed to be the freakin’ sunshine state, bitches.
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